👀 FPL news you might've missed this week 🚨

The Sunday Service is back.

The Stuff You Should Know

Max Kilman signs for West Ham (according to Romano).

🔴 Erik ten Hag stays at Man United for at least another year.

✍️ Leeds’ Archie Gray joins Spurs.

🎯 Chelsea sign Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall.

🕊 Brighton sign midfielder Mats Wieffer from Feyenoord.

🤝 Ross Barkley joins Aston Villa.

🚨 Registration for next season’s game is open (but the game isn’t live yet).


I’m on holiday this week, so today’s Sunday Service will be exactly what it’s supposed to be: a brief update on the key stuff you need to know.

…which is actually a fair amount.

Despite last Sunday’s complaints about the lack of domestic football news during the Euros, the last 7 days have been pretty busy. Let’s look at the highlights…

Will the 24/25 game launch next week?

Those who enjoy a low team ID (the number assigned to your squad) will be interested to know that registration ahead of the new season is now open.

In short, that means you can fill out the boring sign-up admin now if you’re that way inclined.

The advantage here is that, when the game launches, you bypass ~1 minute’s worth of signup time, which gives you a better chance of grabbing a coveted (for some) low team ID.

It’s also a sign that the game is likely to launch soon. We sort of knew that anyway, because FPL has launched on 5th July for the last two seasons.

Usually FPL like to edge us with some player price reveals for a few days before the game launches. We haven’t had any of those yet, which indicates that it might be some time until we can start building our Gameweek 1 drafts.

Still, our next Sunday service might be a little more fruity if we know how much everyone costs.

Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall signs for Chelsea.

Leicester’s Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall has just joined Chelsea. KDH - who sounds like a Poundland KDB - might actually be a Poundland KDB for FPL managers too.

He notched an impressive 12 goals and 14 assists last season, and appears to plug a gap in Chelsea’s growing wealth of talented midfielders: that of a box-to-box playmaker.

Perhaps KDH’s biggest attraction is that he rejoins Enzo Maresca, the former Leicester manager that has been credited with unlocking the 25-year-old’s potential. It means game time is all the more likely in a congested Chelsea squad.

Here he is looking like he’s about to be announced as the newest dragon on Dragon’s Den.

The other big signings.

Archie Gray (Leeds > Spurs)

Considered a generational talent (at least according to his Wikipedia page which, admittedly, could’ve been written by his Mum), 18-year-old Archie Gray has joined Spurs from Leeds. A CM/RB, time will tell whether Gray becomes a regular Spurs starter, but it seems unlikely they’d part with a reported £40m for a bit-part player.

Max Kilman (Wolves > West Ham)

Perhaps not a player you’ll be rushing to own, the FPL implications of this signing bode well for the players around Kilman, but perhaps not for the former Wolves man himself. Is there a danger West Ham will be decent defensively next season?

Mats Wieffer (Feyenoord > Brighton)

With an impressive five goals from 29 Eredivisie games last season, 24-year-old Mats Wieffer has a quietly decent goalscoring record for a defensive midfielder. The sort of Rodri-esque player that you might keep on your bench for emergencies, providing he gets game time.

Ross Barkley (Luton > Aston Villa)

Not a huge amount to say here. This stinks of an “experience-signing”, which is no bad thing, but doesn’t mean a huge amount to FPL managers.

Okay, hopefully you’ll excuse the brevity but the holiday beckons: there’s only so long I can spend writing this before “the FPL email” becomes grounds for separation.

Stay lazy,

The LazyFPL Team.