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What People Are Saying

“This newsletter helped me get from 573k in GW31 to 188k by the end of GW38. A huge climb and I can only imagine how much higher I'd be if I joined earlier.”

AlexFree Subscriber

“This is my first season using the newsletter and I won my cash mini league banking £1,000 in the process.”

MohamedFree Subscriber

“Love reading the newsletter each week, great mix of humour and info with the stats and key points well displayed. Keep up the brilliant work and here's to lots of FPL points.”

CraigFree Subscriber

“Excellent service and great platform for added insight not only from the top pro’s but also other members who are open to discussion. All opinions always welcome and the community within the premium group is top drawer. Most importantly it’s good craic, well worth every penny. Green arrows coming 2023/24 ”

AodhánPremium Subscriber

“Joined in October’22 after not being too happy with other FPL providers, was able to increase my 21/22 rank from 176k all the way up to 9k in the 22/23 season. Would definitely recommend joining if you are on the fence!”

JakePremium Subscriber

“Massive thanks to @LazyFPL. Finished overall rank of 4061 in #FPL and also finished 1st in their 2nd chance premium members league by one point winning a PS5! Their weekly emails and premium service is a must for #FPL success! Can’t wait for next season!”

ScottPremium Subscriber